The Joint Metabolome Facility is a core facility of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna applying basic research strategies and current post-genomic analysis strategies for clinical investigations and studies.

Mission statement: The JMEF fosters strategies for diagnosis, prognosis and patient stratification based on the molecular assessment of pathophysiologic conditions applying mass spectrometry-based multi-omics methods.

Services: We are offering standardized as well as tailored analysis strategies for the investigation of primarily human samples, including also animal model systems and cell culture models. We understand the synergistic power of multiple analysis types. Proteins are confounders for metabolites and lipids, while cell differentiation and cell functions are confounders for most regulatory events and regulatory molecules. Only if we recognize all relevant confounders, we can expect correct calculations and correct conclusions. This is why we are offering metabolomics combined with lipidomics/redox lipidomics and proteomics/phosphoproteomics/redox proteomics.

We accept serum and plasma samples as well as cells and tissue. For individualized metabolomics studies we are developing highly innovative finger sweat analyses methods supporting human metabolic time course analyses. We will deliver an extraordinarily fast and cheap assay to determine individual metabolic parameters, stress states, chronic disease states, exposure to environmental toxins and more by the end of 2020.